Parking Interoperability. What's It All About?

Ever wonder why your favorite parking App won't work in Limerick, or Waterford or Dun Laoighaire or the next town you drive to? Invariably it won't and you will be left to feed coins or subscribe to (another) App to add to those you have already have that do the same thing. That's hardly the pinnacle of convenience that cashless parking was supposed to herald when first introduced more than 15 years ago!

The simple solution is interoperability. Devise and develop a system that will permit any App from any jurisdiction work in any other. It sounds, as they say, simples! Well, perhaps not simple but certainly acheievable. Such a solution is is a platform for parking App providers, local Authorities, and even new App developers to participate in an interoperable market without compromise, without compulsion to change vendor without revenue risk and without data sharing. It is a mechanism to seamlessly exchange parking transactions with other operators and provide cashless parking to your residents and visitors regardless of their choice of Parking App.

These days, of course, cashless parking is now about more than convenience, as we emerge from the Covid pandemic - the contactless parking experience that pay by App services provide allow customers to avoid unnecessary contact with parking meters and avoid possible congregation at these machines. These days, the provision of cashless parking has become much more than a convenience service, it is a tool for personal safety.

To find our more about and how interoperability can help you deliver better service to customers, we invite you to take a few minutes to watch the videos on this site which aim to explain the platform from a number of different viewpoints. Thereafter, should you have any questions we will be glad to assist and invite you to reach out by email or phone at the contact details herein


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